TCSP 67 -- Cell Phones and Sleep Performance with Tara Clancy, High Performance Sleep Strategist

Season #2 Episode #67

Cell Phones and Sleep Performance | It's time to talk about cell phones and other screens! Listen and get answers these two questions: 1) what does it mean for you, specifically how many ways do cell phones reduce your level of sleep performance and 2) what you can you do to level up your sleep performance Let’s start with this staggering cell phone statistic: In 2014 Americans checked their phones an average of 33 times per day. By 2022, that number was up to 344! So in just eight years, we went from checking our phones 33 times per day to 344 times per day. It took us less than a decade to 10x how often we get sucked in by our phones. So you probably won’t be surprised to hear this statistic: 47% of Americans self-report they're addicted to their cell phones. So what does this mean for you, and what can you do? Listen, learn the 'Do Not Disturb' strategy, and start using it tonight! Give it one week, and if you’re still having sleep performance challenges, it’s time to take the Sleep Performance Assessment. When you create a “do not disturb” relationship with your phone, you get the sleep performance you need for the daytime performance you want. Use it tonight! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bring the benefits of High Performance Sleep™ to your workplace. Clink the link below. You take this simple step, and we'll take care of the rest! Learn more about high performance sleep™ and our sleep performance assessment in your workplace. Visit  Connect with Tara A. Clancy, MA, High Performance Sleep Strategist. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~