TCSP 65 -- Waking up to go, Performance and The Bottom Line with Tara Clancy, High Performance Sleep™ Strategist

Season #2 Episode #65

Waking up to go, Performance and The Bottom Line | Today we’re talking about something many people do but never think twice about:  Waking up to go to the bathroom! Is it a harmless habit, especially if you fall back asleep? Or is waking up to go a problem, period? In this episode of The Counterfeit Sleep® Podcast, we’ll get into two client cases to answer this question and to show you the impact it has on performance and the bottom line. You’ll learn what your habit of waking up to go is telling you about your sleep performance And you’ll get my recommendation as a high performance sleep strategist on what to do tonight if you’re waking up to go at night. Find out what's really going on when you wake up to go! Listen to episode 4 of The Counterfeit Sleep® Podcast. 

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